1988 Fleer Wax Pack PSA 9 Break! MJ STICKER BACK!


Here is a complete guarantee, someone in this break will receive a 1988 Michael Jordan Sticker!

This is a 13 random spot/random card break of a PSA 9 1988 Fleer Basketball Wax Pack with a Michael Jordan sticker on the back!

This means, the person who winds up with Spot 13 in this break will receive the 13th card in the break which is the Michael Jordan sticker!! 1988 Michael Jordan stickers in PSA 10 are going for 15,000+

We will randomize both the names and spot #’s 5X, each spot will receive “1” card

Please note, there is a small tear on the front of the pack that is inside the PSA holder (see picture). This is normal and from the bubble gum. It will not/does not affect the integrity of  the cards inside the pack. Additionally, the tear is on the top of the pack, the Michael Jordan sticker is on the back of the pack

13 in stock

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